Learning new skills

Learning new skills

In the web development field it is important to continue your education. You will spend as much time learning new skills as you do using the ones you already have. This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to stay in school for the rest of your life. There are plenty of resources on the internet you can use to teach yourself new skills. I learned how to program on my own years before I went to school to get my degree.

Learning from your peers

Working on open source projects can help you learn new skills and build your personal profile. By reverse engineering an open source project you can see how other developers handle problems. There are plenty of open source projects out there to get involved with. I’m a wordpress plugin developer and have been involved with wordpress core development. By doing this I have learned how to make wordpress do some amazing things. An open source project can also help you build your profile by releasing code that is open to the public for review. Then when you go to apply for a job or land a freelance project you can point to your public work as experience.

Learning new languages

It is important to go outside of your comfort zone. If you don’t know a language you can find tutorials on the internet and build apps for yourself to build your skills. With access to youtube and communities that deal with app development like stack overflow you can find help to do just about anything you want. Most new languages encourage ease of learning so they can maximize their use by everyday people.

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