Q. How do I disable plugins on the WordPress admin?

A. Follow the documentation documentation page for Disable plugins on wp-admin.

Q. How do I target the homepage of my site if it isn’t a page post type?

A. Create a plugin filter with your home page url. Like http://www.jsterup.com/. Then enable or disable the plugins you want with that filter.

Q. Can I use wildcards in a plugin filter permalink?

A. No. For efficiency reasons and because this plugin works outside of WordPress the permalink of a plugin filter must match the URL you want to affect exactly. The only exception is to use fuzzy URL matching which works like a directory structure.

Q. Can I enable/disable plugins based on post type?

A. No. Since this plugin loads before plugins and outside of wordpress it doesn’t know anything about post types. So it wouldn’t know that http://www.yoursite.com/somecustomtpe/type1/ was of a certain post type since the plugin that created it hasn’t been loaded yet. It works completely off of the url you being accessed.

Q. How do I disable a plugin on the front end and still have it enabled on the admin pages?

A. To load a plugin only in the admin you need to enable selective plugin loading for the admin areas and fuzzy url matching. Then globally disable the plugin you want to turn off on the front end. Next create a plugin filter with the permalink set to your admin url. Like http://www.yourdomain.com/wp-admin/. Then enable the plugin for that plugin filter and select also affect children. Now the plugin should only be loaded in the admin.

Q. Would selective plugin loading by role be possible/feasible?

A. No. When Plugin Organizer does the disabling/enabling of the plugins the roles don’t exist.

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