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Disable plugins on wp-admin

  • Log in to your WordPress admin and click on Plugin Organizer in the admin menu.
  • Click the button inside of the box titled “Selective Admin Plugin Loading” to set it to “On” and hit the “Save Settings” button.


  • If the button button stays set to “On” then everything is working. If it does not then there is a problem. If you can’t get the plugin working you can post something in the support forums to get help.
  • Click on Plugin Filters->Add Plugin Filter and enter the url of the admin page you want to disable plugins on in the permalink box and turn off the plugins you want disabled.
  • If you want to affect all admin pages click on Settings->Plugin Organizer and select the Enable radio button under Fuzzy URL Matching. Then on the plugin filter select the checkbox for Also affect children. When someone goes to the filter that has will match it.
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